Hey, y’all

I’m Julianne, and I don’t really know what I’m doing.

But that’s the beauty of life, right? Everyone is all just sort of winging it, and that’s okay. Speaking of winging it, I am a senior in high school and starting to see how the real world works. I am applying for colleges, writing scholarship essays, and wishing I knew how income tax works. But hey, I do know how to synthetic division and stoichiometry, and that has to count for something!!

People always tell me I need my own reality show, but I don’t know any producers who would come to a small Georgia town, and they’d probably get toted away by giant mosquitos, anyway. That’s why I settled with trying out this whole blog thing. I mean, if people find laughter in the crazy [average] life I live, why not type it out?

So here is the typical synopsis that blog people usually give of themselves on their first post: I am seventeen, a cheerleader, a college and high school student, and I like to think of myself as a walking oxymoron. I love to eat good food, but anything I cook seems to go up in flames. I am obsessed with Pinterest and clothes, but most days you can find me in the same, like four tee shirts. My room is spotless and organized, just please do not look under my bed, because you may find an old jar of peanut butter or a dirty sock from 7th grade gym glass.

When I had to pick a blog topic, I was so confused because I have no topic. I can’t categorize myself under any pre-made blog label. I’m Julianne Moon, the star of my own life.




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